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More Schools Financial Value Standard workshops to follow.


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    All schools should be working towards a vision they have for their children, and what outcomes they would like to see for the new academic and financial year. What is your school’s Vision, What is your school mission Statement? Does your budget reflect your mission?

    The school Development Plan should be a more specific vision within each individual departments and curriculum areas. With your plan in mind, all aspect of the school should be considered and how this improves the education of the Children. All departments, Curriculum budget holder, and Teacher should be involved in the planning and costings, so that you can get a complete picture of all the areas you can create and develop.

    Once the budget has been set, the next stage is to ensure that reports are given to the budget holders/department notifying them of the budget allocation for the year. it would be recommended that they can then set a profile of how the amount will be spent. This will ensure that they have the information needed to ensure the outcome for the school has been obtained. This would also include budget reports for The Governors and the LEA. This would also include regular meetings.

    Now that everyone is aware of what is need for the outcome for the school. Regular budget meeting will need to set to ensure that spending is being completed to plan. This can be monthly or termly meetings, with individual department or as a group. The school need to ensure that monitoring of the budgets are consistently carried out to ensure that the targets can be met.

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